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Our History

We have done the work-

Our career started on the trucks in college making our way through school to ownership of a moving company and now consulting companies on the fine art of an office move. There is no substitute for the actual experience of estimating a job, organizing the company, dispatching the crews, supervising the project and bringing the job in on budget and on time. 


Our Mission

Performing  beyond our customers expectations-

Our mission is to provide unique and comprehensive commercial relocation  for our customers  that encompasses all services generally subcontracted by the client to various vendors and provided at an equal or lower cost. We will accomplish this by leveraging our long-term, experienced partnerships and focused personnel who enjoy providing the Movetopia difference.




Our Values

We would like to summarize our business philosophy in what Rotary International believes in conducting business.


1. Is it TRUTH?

2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?

3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER     FRIENDSHIPS?

4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned


In practicing these beliefs our personal and business goals will be achieved


David and Vicki Pitchford Owners

David Pitchford

Co-owner, 40 years in the commercial and office relocation business that translates to a great knowledge of how organizations are affected by a move and how to organize with the tools of experience the right plan designed for each project resulting in cost efficiency, minimal disruption and a smooth move to the new office. 


Vicki Pitchford

Co-owner, 25 years of commercial relocation buisness,  accounting, administratiom, contract and billing.

She is qualified in managing concurrent projects on a small and large scale, has effective organizational and communication skills, and value  and is dedicated to getting the job done. 







Meet the Owners

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