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Movetopia plans and schedules your move, oversees move meetings, motivates employees to be ready for the move
Office Relocation Planning 

Planning is the Key-

Office Move Pre-planning, office move scheduling, employee meetings, new space placarding and labeling. All part of our service. Your employees are part of the Office move team and are needed to complete the packing requirements and identifying there needs in the new space. We conduct the meetings, develop the schedule, manage the schedule in weekly meetings with designated team captains and implement a move plan based on a mutually agreed course of action. Everyone plays a role and we encourage questions and feedback. 

On the job supervision!
Project Management

On-site Supervision

The key to a successful Office move is identifying your needs. Are we downsizing, are we growing, are we staying about the same? Can we use our existing furniture, can it be reconfigured, are we buying new? Many decisions..... alll start with a survey of your office and determination of your needs. Our project manager begins by developing an inventory, assessing the size and complexity of the move, we are your onsite facilities coordinator and stay with the job from start to finish.  

Movetopia assists with the procurement of vendors in building a team to help make your move a success
Vendor Management

Creating the right Partnerships

We assist you in the selection process of hiring Office moving companies that are needed to complete your move to a new location. In the event you do not have vendors under contract we assist you by providing RFP (Requests for Proposals), identifying your requirements, creating a foundation for expected results and costs.


Here is a list of companies typically used in a Office relocation: Office furniture, Moving, Copier, Supply, Desk top and Cabling, Telephone, Security, Janitorial, Plant, Art, Architect, General Constractors, Signage to name a few. We provide a prequalified list or use your existing relationships and build a team, manage the process and hold your vendors accountable to there committed service.

Movetopia provides an estimated value of your assets!
Asset Management

Liquidation Experts

Disposing of existing Office furniture is often times an unwanted outcome of move project. This process can be handled in a number of ways depending on your decision. If there is value you bid out the service to a used furniture vendor, if you have an interested party that may be moving into your old space they may want to purchase. Goodwill among employees in allowing them to take the office furniture is a good choice, disposing is the last. All choices are of course decided based on the schedule of termination of your lease. We explore every possibility to save your firm money!

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