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You're only as good as your last Office moving project and that is exactly why we strive for complete satisfaction. We measure a successful Office relocation project based on 4 criteria:

  • Manage the office move to assure budget is maintained 

  • Manage the schedule and timing so that milestones are met 

  • Project management/onsite supervision 

  • No downtime to employees production or loss of company business 


Recent Relocation Projects


2021- Denver Public Library-

Construction project of creating a 3 floor Atrium by removing hundreds of stacks of library books within all 3 floors including the basement for remodeling. 2 phase relocation of library books, stacks and shelving, furniture and fixtures. 18 month project. 

2021- City of Bozeman- 

Surveyed project, defined scope of service, provided draft of Request for Proposal, Review and Edit of final RFP- 

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